b'DEJA VUHOLOGRAPHIC METALLIZED POLYESTERDeja Vu employs a fractal lens effect to create movement basedDeja Vuon perspective and lighting. Interacts with ambient lighting, immediateenvironmentandsurroundingobjectstocreate effectsthathaveneverbeenseeninwallcoveringuntilnow. Create amazing designs with opaque white ink or translucentPrintable withLatex | Solvent | Eco-Solvent | UVinks.RAVEHOLOGRAPHIC METALLIZED POLYESTERRave brings color and action to your wall in a way no other wallcovering can. It spans the entire spectrum depending onRaveviewer perspective, angle and ambient lighting.Its sure to add unprecedented life and light to your space and leave a lasting impression.Printable withLatex | Solvent | Eco-Solvent | UVLIMELIGHTHOLOGRAPHIC METALLIZED POLYESTER LimelightLimelight covers the entire color spectrum at any angle via an ultra-fine diamond pattern.It reflects light and color based on viewing angle and interacts with ink from beneath.Create truly one-of-a-kind designs with this unique wallcovering material.Printable withLatex | Solvent | Eco-Solvent | UVDREAMSCAPEWALLS.COM973.625.7923'