b'SATARAA BRUSHED METAL LOOK IN STEEL OR PEARL COLOR Satara SteelSatara Steel combines a unique embossed surface along with a proprietary coating to create a moderately reflective inkjet media that feels like fabric with a brushed metal appearance. Satara Pearl combines a unique embossed surface along with a proprietary pearl coating. The result is a more subdued, yet highlySatara Pearlsophisticated and luxurious sheen. Printable with Latex | Solvent | Eco-Solvent | UVBLING!PRINT SPECTACULAR METALLICS WITH BLING!OurawardwinningBling!featuresasilvermetallicsparkle onaheavybeadtexture.ThesebeadsaremetallicenrichedBling!which allows inkjet machines to combine typical CMYK ink and create a whole new set of sparkling colors. The metallic particles in the base film will mix nicely with thePrintable withspray of solvent and latex inkjet to give any color a metallic dazzle. Latex | Solvent | Eco-Solvent | UVPRISMAPRINT SPECTACULAR METALLICS WITH PRISMAPrisma features a multi color glitter with a scrim type textured surface. The result is an eye catching prismatic sparkle whichPrismamaintains an optimal white point for ease of printing. In addition, the scrim textured surface provides a very user friendly look that can compliment a wide variety of graphical images.Whetherbeingusedforhighendwallcovering,photographic murals,orevenspecialeffectsignage,PrismawillbesuretoPrintable withgrab attention. Latex | Solvent | UVDREAMSCAPEWALLS.COM973.625.7923'