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High Performance Substrates

Solvent | Latex | UV Curable

High Performance substrates from Dreamscape are premium new wallcovering base materials, optimized for the highest level of consistency with modern Inkjet printing systems (Solvent, Latex, and UV curable).

Enhanced temperature and mechanical stability means that Dreamscape vinyl will remain more flat over a broad range of platen and media transport configurations. This results in more uniform printing with less worry about managing the delicate balance among temperature, tension, and vacuum to achieve print perfection. When combined with our advanced vinyl processing, the print result with Dreamscape HP is better uniformity in solid fill areas with better color saturation overall.


Available Sizes Width – 54 In  / Length – 75 Ft, 150 Ft, 300 Ft, and *600 Ft rolls

*600 Ft rolls must be ordered in min qty of 4